I sit here grieving and lonely
Wishing I could hear your voice
My mind is filled with thoughts of you
For those memories I still rejoice

In the fleeting second of a heartbeat
My happy world was changed
I realize that life can't stay the same
And it can't be prearranged

It's so hard to go on without you
It's still not reconciled in my mind
I know you didn't want to leave me
Yet I sit here, self confined

I cannot live on broken dreams
Nor keep dwelling on the past
I must look toward the future now
And try to find sweet peace at last

I believe that you are waiting for me
In that Home beyond the stars
And someday we'll be together again
In a Place that's forever ours

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
May 3, 2006
All Rights Reserved


Midi ~ Dreams
Sequencer Unknown To Me