Thinking now of Christmases past Laying out the wreaths and trim Caressing each fragile ornament Recalling stories related to them Looking at the few ones left From the fifty-eight holidays Thinking how worn they have become As the Christmas music plays Construction paper chains and bells Our boys made when they were young And special ones with names engraved Every ornament lovingly hung Some that were burned and shattered The winter our house caught fire Searching through the snow and rubble Saving a precious few from the mire The angel with her snow white dress And outstretched silver-tipped wings The nativity scene bought so long ago The Christ child, Mary and the kings Forlorn and sentimental this time of year Sweet memories flood through my mind Of things I've had and things I've lost And a sense of being left behind But when I sit alone by the fireplace And the season feels so depressing I see the tree decorated with our past And my heart feels a Christmas blessing Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 5, 2006 All Rights Reserved

I'll Be Home For Christmas
Sequencer Unknown To Me