In the wee hours of the morning
Sleep won't come 'cause you're not here
A new day will soon be dawning
How I wish I could hold you near

I wander through this lonely house
No purpose to be found
I feel your presence in every room
Sweet memories abound

I rummage through your belongings
Just to smell your sweet cologne
And feel your sweater against my face
All reminders that I'm now alone

I look down at my trembling hands
And twist the ring around my finger
Wishing you were with me still
But you are gone and I must linger

I realize my longing is fruitless
My head knows what my heart won't hear
But I just keep living in our past
And the yearnings persevere

Fleeting thoughts so bittersweet
Keep flooding through my mind
Of all the happiness I lost
The day I was left behind

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
May 16, 2006
All Rights Reserved

Music: "Missing You"
Sequencer Unknown to Me