Busted Basket A tisket, a tasket I fell on my basket My dress flew up My bloomers fell down And I almost blew a gasket One egg was still raw and quite wet A gag pulled by Cheryl, I'll bet My face covered with yolk Not much of a joke But I'll pay back my little sister yet Getting up was a bit of a chore I kept sliding around on the floor My legs went in different directions Despite my resounding objections I'd never felt this silly before I crawled around awhile on all fours Trying to pull up my drawers Picking up the spilled stuff to save The sweets I was starting to crave I'd already eaten two S'mores I got over feeling irate And for supper, cleaned up my plate I ate about half of the treats And felt very proud of my feats After all, I'm watching my weight Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© April 3, 2006 All Rights Reserved oldballet Happy, Happy!   Joy, Joy!

Midi ~ A Tisket, A Tasket
Sequencer Unknown to Me