When leaves transform to golden hues And begin their journey to the ground Such an array of colors floating in the air A more beautiful picture cannot be found Squirrels are scurrying here and there Foraging food for another cold season Knowing that winter is fast approaching Planning ahead for just that reason Flocks of beautiful birds fill the autumn sky Readying for winterís harsh arrival All of Godís creatures know what lies ahead And that preparation is vital to survival Farmers gathering bountiful harvests Preparing to lay their gardens by Loading grain and tying fodder into shocks Near-empty barns and silos to resupply Canning fruits and vegetables in abundance Splitting enough firewood to last until spring Filling the cool cellar and curing meat Knowing not what the winter will bring Families working together in unison Making use of what God has provided Living their lives according to His word By His hands they have been guided Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 6, 2006 All Rights Reserved

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"September In The Rain"
Sequencer Unknown to Me

Photo © D & N Pics by James O'Brien

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