Soon after moving to our Fenton home We were pleased to meet our neighbor next door Mrs. Armstrong, a sweet, gentle, fragile woman Was the epitome of a lady for sure Her little home was always neat and tidy All done up with Victorian decor A beautiful piano sat in the living room Arthritis wouldn't let her play anymore I stood at Mrs. Armstrong's kitchen window And watched while our house burned down Blessed that the family had made it safely out She draped my shoulders with her dressing gown My husband tilled and planted her garden each year And our sons helped her out by doing chores People took her shopping and to church It was a treat when she ventured outdoors Though she always thanked us profusely And feared we made too much of a fuss To this day, I don't think she realized We needed her as much as she needed us Ninety-three years old when we moved away Mrs. Armstrong still lived on her own And with the help of those who loved her Lived by herself until God called her Home Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ March 30, 2007 All Rights Reserved

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You Needed Me
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