Young Again I just couldn't resist those big piles of leaves That we had all raked together so neatly I took a run-and-go and plopped right in Without bothering to do it discreetly I saw the preacher's wife come across the street The biggest gossip in the whole darn town She looked at me with her nose in the air I squared my jaw and stared her right down I asked her if she would like to play too But she walked away in a big snooty huff I hadn't felt so mirthful in many a year Once I'd started, I couldn't get enough I laughed and rolled in that pile of leaves And threw big handfuls up in the air Passersby must have thought I was crazy But, at that moment, I just didn't care The neighborhood kids started piling in too We all played to our great satisfaction If the women in my bridge club could see me now Smiling broadly, I imagined their reaction Pretty soon, the yard was littered with the leaves Where we had played together so cheerfully After realizing we'd have to rake them again I looked at the yard almost tearfully We had leaves in our hair and our pockets And looked in horror at the mess we'd created But I shrugged it off and picked up my rake I'd felt young again and was happily elated Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 4, 2006 All Rights Reserved

Artwork Courtesy of Broderbund

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Midi ~ Young at Heart
Sequencer Unknown to Me