Watching a beautiful sunset When my heart is heavy with care Brings me closer to my Lord And I know that He is near Viewing God's majestic handiwork Brings happiness to my soul And a feeling of contentment To know He's in control The precious beauty of His love And the wonders that He gives Makes my spirit feel renewed For within my heart, He lives If I am lonely and melancholy And worry begins to overwhelm I fall down on my knees and pray To stay forever in His realm When my spirit feels defeated And I fear a gathering storm I surrender my burdens unto Him God's wonders to perform This World of wondrous beauty Was created by God's own hand But nothing on Earth can ever compare To the glory of His promised land Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ March 27, 2007 All Rights Reserved

"How Great Thou Art"
Courtesy of Grandpa Schober

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