The first snow of the season Winter rises and autumn fades Grey clouds release their bounty And to the ground it cascades Delicate lacy white snowflakes Falling gently through the air Weave a fluffy white blanket Covering the Earth everywhere Birds huddling in their shelters Against the harsh winter winds Furry animals are tunneling Underground till it ends Long crystal clear icicles Forming solidly in the trees The temperature goes below zero Causing the duck pond to freeze Curling up by the fireplace Sipping cocoa from a mug Snuggled in the old Afghan Cold feet burrowed in the rug Ice freezing on the windows And everything is so still It's a glorious wonderland Created by God's will Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 26, 2006 All Rights Reserved

Snow Script
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive

Midi and Sequencer Unknown to Me
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