Every Sunday evening it was the same routine 'Cause Monday was the day for getting clothes clean We carried buckets of water from the rusty old pump Filled number three wash tubs ~ no use to grump A fire was kindled and ready to light Under the heating tub on Sunday night Come Monday morning at the break of dawn Mother and the girls got up with a yawn The water was heating while breakfast was cooking We sorted the clothes without hardly looking Hot water was carried to the Maytag to wash We'd done it so often, we did it with panache The wash was done one load after another Piles were laid on the floor at the direction of Mother The washer was emptied and cleaned really good We did all this while eating our food The whole thing started all over again When the second washing was ready to begin Three big tubs now sat on the porch One for rinsing, one for bluing, and one with starch For stubborn stains, we used the old washboard And scrubbed by hand until our knuckles were sore As each load was done, it was hung on the lines With coal dust settling that came from the mines In the summertime, the clothes blew in the breeze And the work was done with lots more ease In the wintertime, we washed in the kitchen And hung clothes in snow - no use a-bitchin' Looking at the lines filled us with pride Even in the cold when the clothes were freeze-dried The hard work was done without distraction But doing it gave us a sense of satisfaction When the clothes were dry and taken down We sprinkled the starched ones and clowned around They were put in baskets after being rolled That mountain of laundry was a sight to behold By the end of the day, the wash was done With everything folded or neatly hung Except for the ones that we had sprinkled All day Tuesday, we ironed out wrinkles When I was young, I used to daydream Of when I'd be grown and could do anything I didn't know then that when I was old Those memories would be more precious than gold Kathleen McCoy Eldridge July 23, 2005 All Rights Reserved









"Barney's Blues
Sequenced by Dick Anderson
Dick Anderson's Country Midi Guitar