Visions Of Times Gone By

Walking along behind Grandpa
As he plowed the rocky field
Working sun-up until sundown
Praying for a heavy yield

My brother and I liked to help
By following and picking up rocks
And scraggly pieces of twine left
From last year's fodder shocks

The hot sun beating down on us
Turned our skins a weathered brown
Sometimes we'd sneak off early
But Grandpa worked till the sun went down

Walking barefoot in the fresh, cool dirt
Putting earthworms in a can
Looking forward to a fishing trip
By the stream running through our land

Granny brought us ice cold water
And food we enjoyed in the shade
When we got through, we always knew
She'd leave a big jar of lemonade

As we toddled along behind Grandpa
We saw his clothes become soaked with sweat
And the blisters on his old, gnarled hands
Left a vision I will never forget

Living in those times and working hard
The farm supporting us in those days
Taught all us to stand up tall and proud
And always abide by Grandpa's ways

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
August 29, 2006
All Rights Reserved





"When The Work's All Done This Fall"
Sequenced by
Grandpa Frank Schober