Down In My Valley

Through the valley I meander My nature walk enjoying Wondrous sights surround me A cane I am employing The happy chirping of the birds Is like music to my ears A gentle rain is falling Mixing with my happy tears Living in this beautiful place From the time I was a child Oh, the stories I could relate From memories I've compiled When our daily chores were done All my brothers and sisters Came with me to this special place Playing tag till we got blisters Enjoying a life so fancy-free Wading and splashing in the creek Slapping Billy Joe Wolford When he kissed me on the cheek We ran and played for hours Picked wildflowers for our Mother Our life was sparse and simple We'd never known another We didn't envy the rich folk In their mansions on the hill Living in this peaceful valley We had all our needs fulfilled Still occupying the same old house Except that now, I'm all alone Making the best of my final years In this valley that's still my home Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 9, 2006 All Rights Reserved share






"Carolina Moon"
Sequenced by Gloria Canfield