For Daddy We only got the bare necessities Growin' up in Johnson Bottom But we were grateful for what we had And were mighty glad when we got 'em Daddy worked hard in the coal mines Mother fed us and kept the house clean All seven youngins had chores to do With school and play in between No matter how hard our Daddy worked The money didn't go far enough Somebody always needed somethin' And at times, it was pretty rough Daddy was a member of the local union And at a meetin' one night he was asked If he would take the job of secretary Even though it was a really big task He surely didn't need another heavy load But the money would come in handy Daddy knew that he could do the job So he told 'em that'd be fine and dandy That night after the meetin' was over Daddy lugged home some great big boxes We were so eager to see what he had We scurried 'round like a bunch of foxes He set up an office in the old wash house That was built right off the kitchen And told us all that if we bothered his stuff We'd be sure to get a good switchin' Daddy kept that job for many years Until the old coal mine closed down All that extra work helped to pay the bills And bought us treats when he went to town He never did learn the proper typin' technique But he was good at huntin' 'n' peckin' As long as he got the job done right It just didn't matter, I reckon I still remember that clickin' sound And Daddy's index fingers a-flyin' He could type a page in a minute or two Without hardly even tryin' I hold those memories close to my heart Of Daddy peckin' out those pages When he worked so hard to supplement A coal miner's meager wages Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ May 6, 2006 All Rights Reserved




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"The Last Letter"
Sequenced by Harry Todd
MIDI Picking by Harry Todd