An attic dark and dusty Full of worthless junk Cobwebs hanging everywhere A quilt draped over a trunk Dust particles dancing in the gleam Of light through a window pane The smell of moth balls filled the air As I came home again A building now far past its prime Housed seven generations Love of home and family Both built on strong foundations Cardboard boxes, broken toys, Old furniture and clothes Everything a reminder Of lives lived long ago Just below a window I saw Great-Grandma's cedar chest Tarnished hinges, a broken lock Imprinted with the family crest Carefully, I lifted the top And much to my surprise I found the story of our family's life Things saved with love and pride Report cards, baby books and pink hair bows Were among the mementos she'd saved Letters written by loved ones On pages now yellowed with age I took a trip down memory lane As day turned into night Lovingly caressing each keepsake By a flickering candle light Sorting through the attic that day I learned a lesson for sure The things in the attic weren't cast aside They were the history our family endured Instead of junk, the attic was A wonder of hidden treasure Where everything told a story Its worth was beyond measure Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 6, 2005 All Rights Reserved

"One Moment In Time"
A Bouquet Of Roses