Tranquility I have found a place of contentment Hidden in the wispy recesses of my mind Where I can dream and find sweet peace Leaving life's chaos and turmoil behind Wandering through this tranquil place A cool breeze is gently blowing Beside a glade where flowers grow An enchanting stream is flowing My heart and mind so completely free The delicate wind caresses my face And the whispery rustling of the stream All hold the serenity that I embrace Snowy, white clouds billow overhead Against the background of an azure sky My brief euphoria has quickened my soul And I reluctantly bid my place goodbye Taking one last long and wistful gaze My spirits high, I must return to reality For when anguish comes I can again retreat To my secret place of idyllic tranquility Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ May 24, 2006 All Rights Reserved

Flying Butterfly Script
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive

"A Summer Place"
Sequenced by Bruce DeBoer