Riding The Train With Mother Taking the train to Williamson Didn't happen often enough Mother would take us once a year To buy school clothes and stuff She told the young ones to hunker down So the ticket would only be half price One or two would always forget But the next time, they'd think twice On every trip, I begged and pleaded To let me go and see the caboose I tried many times to get away But Mother wouldn't turn me loose The houses, people and gardens Whizzed by as in a picture show We each sat by a window Our little faces all aglow We loved the rattling of the wheels And the whistle when it blew The giant clouds of puffy smoke And the tunnels we passed through Our excursion was over far too soon And we headed back to the station Riding the train was a joyous thing In the post-war generation The trains are now streamlined and sleek But you haven't lived until you've tried A trip on an old fashioned passenger train And the view of the countryside Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 16, 2006 All Rights Reserved


Song ~ "Freight Train"
Sequenced by Gloria Canfield

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