In Loving Memory of Rufus Ray Norman

I'm my daddy's little girl
He likes me best, I know
I have a sister, Lisa
I'm his favorite, though

I play horsy on daddy's knee
He carries me on his shoulder
Pretty soon, I'll have to stop
'Cause I'm getting big and older

He plays with Lisa just as much
And sometimes, it makes me mad
Even though I love my sister
I don't like to share our dad

Mommy says I'm jealous
And I guess that's probably true
But I'm the baby of the family
So I pout and feel kind of blue

He takes us to the county fair
And buys pink cotton candy
I eat it and it tickles my nose
But my tummy sure feels dandy

When I fall and scrape my knee
Daddy hugs me when I cry
Then puts a bandage on my sore
And sings me a lullaby

Daddy is my special hero
When I'm scared, he holds me tight
Shoos away all the boogiemen
That come into my room at night

Though I'm my daddy's little girl
I don't always get my way
Cute and sweet and a little spoiled
I'm his baby, Teresa Rae

Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ
November 10, 2006
All Rights Reserved

Artist: Unknown
Love To Give Credit

Daddy's Little Girl
Sequenced by Gloria Canfield