Sunday School Years ago, we went to Sunday School From a very young age we were sent To the Johnson Bottom Church of God Where a lot of our kinfolk went Although Mother was raised a Baptist Uncle Ewell and Aunt Sadie belonged there We went each Sunday along with them And joined the congregation in prayer I still recall the wonderful lessons That were taught from the verses we learned The joyous feelings and the songs we sung And disappointment when the service adjourned Mother went to church occasionally For revivals or the Christmas season She made sure the kids attended regularly And I know she had a good reason She wanted her children to know the Lord And always walk in the righteous way We never forgot the blessings received I thank our Mother to this very day Daddy never really was a churchgoer But he was saved just before he died Mother found his notes in a Bible She let me read it and I cried I believe our parents are in the arms of God Though they worshipped in their own way We were taught that if two gather in His name Then their souls will never go astray Most of us kids are in our twilight years But still remember what we were taught In a little church house in a coal mine camp And the joy those Sundays brought Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 3, 2006 All Rights Reserved


Precious Memories
Sequenced by Dick Anderson
Midi Studio Consortium