Fixin' Stuff Tim loved takin' things apart Just to see what made 'em tick Dismantled so many appliances His Mom was nigh 'bout licked He had a really inquirin' mind Chocked full of curiosity And a fine knack for fixin' stuff On that, we did agree One spring day Tim decided he'd Take apart the riding lawn mower Then put it back together again You shoulda seen Mom's glower Through the years he piddled 'round Then started leavin' things ignored He'd learned to fix so many things Tim was finally gettin' bored Mom wanted to give Tim somethin' That would really grab his attention So one year good ol' Santa brought A model Visible V-8 Engine When he opened that model kit Tim pert nigh filled his britches Squealin' and jumpin' excitedly The boy had us all in stitches He immediately cleared a workspace With newspapers on the kitchen table Then laid out the parts so carefully Every screw and wire and cable Tryin' to do it in an orderly way Tim hurriedly gathered his tools Then he read the instruction page So he could follow all the rules After he got the parts all glued Tim felt like rollin' in clover Until he noticed that lyin' there Were parts that were left over "Oops!" he said with tongue in cheek This thing is never gonna start After tryin' to get it goin' anyway Dejected, he took it back apart This time, he worked more carefully And with Mom's help and blessin' It worked just fine and when it started Tim had learned a valuable lesson It's now been nigh on thirty years Since he got that model toy Now he's a man with a son of his own But Tim is still a good ol' boy Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 19, 2006 All Rights Reserved HOME    MAIL    BACK    SHARE

"Great Balls of Fire"
Angel's Heavenly Midis