A Summer Stroll The day looked nice so I decided That I'd take a little stroll First thing I did when I hit the street Was to step in a great big hole Picking myself up off the ground And trying to look unconcerned I felt a bra strap rip away And noticed a finger that I had burned Determined to retain my dignity I stopped to rest beside a tree When I finally decided to continue my stroll A pack of dogs started chasing me Trying to outrun the barking mongrels I saw some unruly kids on bikes They started laughing and joined the chase I felt like choking those "cute" little tykes By then, sweat was pouring down my face And it made my eyes start burning My heart was beating a mile a minute For a cold drink, I was yearning The perspiration was working on me And my thighs started rubbing together By this time tomorrow, I'd have a rash Then I noticed a change in the weather It seemed like the sky had burst wide open 'Cause the rain started pouring down I guess the time to worry is when it pours up I thought to myself with a frown Along about then I began to wonder What the heck I was doing there Wouldn't you know a bird flew over And pooped right in my hair I ended up walking about three miles My doctor had said that walking was wise So I'll probably go again tomorrow 'Cause I sure need the exercise Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 11, 2006 All Rights Reserved



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"Goody Goody"
Sequenced by Harry Todd
MIDI Picking by Harry Todd