Thinking back to when we were young
Life seemed so simple and carefree
In our little town, the pace was slow
Just plain old country folk were we

Kids got spanked when they misbehaved
And were taught to follow the golden rule
We did our chores when we were told
Never thought about skipping school

Language and morals were different too
Didn't know about hookers or a pimp
Same sex marriages simply didn't exist
Gay meant happy and cool was a temp

Daddy's paychecks paid the bills
Mother did her best to stretch every cent
There were neither credit cards nor ATMs
Every Sunday, to church we went

Learning manners and respecting our elders
Was an understood part of our daily lives
A woman knew her place was in the home
Most men weren't cheating on their wives

Computers and iPods were unheard of
There were no telephones, much less a cell
E-mails were years in the future then
Communicated with relatives by U.S. mail

We played with children, their yard or ours
Knew all the neighbors, called them by name
Didn't worry about gangs, perverts or predators
No fear of strolling down a country lane

We got only one channel on the TV set
But loved to watch it every spare minute
Ratings weren't needed on a show back then
There was neither cursing nor nakedness in it

We knew what was right and what was wrong
Dreaded being punished if we ever strayed
Precious time spent together as a family
And served the God to whom we prayed

But life goes on and things must change
The future is here and the pace is fast
It was nice to be so innocent and young
But I really wouldn't want to relive the past

Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ
November 7, 2006
All Rights Reserved

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"How Time Slips Away"
Midi Picking by Harry Todd
Sequenced by Harry Todd
Used with Permission