Evening Shadows Evenings are the loneliest part Of each long and solitary day When misty shadows cloud my mind Recalling the day I sent you away Remembering the times you cheated And the many times I cried But a heart can't go on loving Filled with jealousy and pride You asked for my forgiveness And begged me to trust you again I closed my mind and refused to listen Hurt and anger knew no boundaries then My heart no longer felt your love Your honesty, I could not discern So, I've spent a lifetime wondering Impatiently hoping for your return I keep questioning my decision When each weary day is through Wallowing in vanity and pride Because my heart can't get over you Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 6, 2006 All Rights Reserved

"All My Tomorrows"
Sequenced by Mel Webb
The MIDI Studio Consortium

October, 2002 - Copyright © All Rights Reserved