When September Comes Golden September has rolled around The Earth has made another turn Summer's fading; autumn's calling Soon Old Man Winter will return Enjoying mild days and cooler nights Time to put away the extra fans Summer blending gently into fall Mother Nature has other plans Soon the trees will be adorned With beautiful leaves in radiant hues Losing their grip with the coming frosts Allowing the trees a winter snooze There are lots of chores that must be done And it's just the weather for them Before long, the colorful blooms will appear On each and every chrysanthemum It's time to change the furnace filter Sweep the chimney and clean the flue And look forward to tea sipped by the fire Ah, the smell of that wonderful brew When chores are done both in and out We'll pack away our old green thumbs My, the world sure does look different After summer, when September comes Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© September 4, 2006 All Rights Reserved

"September Song"
Sequenced by Mel Webb
The MIDI Studio Consortium