Thanksgiving At Rocky's House It's getting close to that time of year again The fourth Thursday of November When Rocky serves up some good eating And a birthday for Tim to remember Rocky always hosts Thanksgiving One of our long-standing holiday traditions Tim married and the family has grown by three Jennifer, Samantha and Simon are additions A big old turkey is the main dish Deep fried in a cooker outside There's dressing and a boat of gravy Methodist macaroni on the side He cooks niblets corn for his Mom And she brings the coleslaw for him He bakes Verline's sweet tater casserole And fried taters made just for Tim We all love garlic mashed potatoes And he usually whips up a big batch Mrs. Smith helps him with the punkin pie But the apple and pecan are from scratch When the rolls come out of the oven Rocky butters them while they're hot Tim always snitches one or two 'Cause he's hungry and ready to trot Before long, it's ready for the table And he doesn't have to call us twice The food looks and smells delicious But the family is what makes it so nice Later on, when everyone is full There's a beeline for the living room To watch the Dallas Cowboys game And the good times can resume Tim sits there with three pieces of pie Sampling one slice after another Rocky is wearing his lucky shirt and cap And trying to out burp his brother Mom sneaks off to the guest room And snuggles down for a little snooze Enjoying the noises from the living room The laughter, the high-fives and boos The game is over; we're all worn out From cleaning up Rocky's kitchen Vowing to meet, same time, same place Next year for this wonderful tradition Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 2, 2006 All Rights Reserved

"Out Behind The Barn"
Sequenced by Gloria Canfield