I’ve never seen a purple cow Never imagined that one existed But Nash’s poem was a novel concept And the wonderment persisted I’ve always wanted to be marveled at For the depth of my perception Aspiring to do impossible tasks Of course, this time was no exception Sitting on the john one day last week I got a lightening flash inspiration If there’s a purple cow, I’ll find her And put an end to this frustration We have purple this and purple that Even a famous purple dinosaur It would be totally and udderly remarkable If there’s a purple cow for sure Seen lots of pictures of those purple critters In commercial ads and children’s books I reckon one can find most anything If she checks all the crannies and nooks I covered parts of the civilized World Went to places no human had been Never glimpsed a purple animal of any kind So I guess I’ll take it on the chin Yep, I searched the World both far and near Through the vastness of the Internet Haven’t really had any luck so far But if she’s out there, I’ll find her yet Bossy…phone home Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© March 30, 2007 All Rights Reserved

Milk Cow Blues Midi Picking by Harry Todd
Sequenced by Harry Todd
Used with Permission
Artist Unknown to Me Unable to Give Credit