Pure Love I look with awe upon the face Of this newborn son of mine My heart beats softly in my chest A feeling so sublime A long-awaited dream come true God's perfect gift to me I catch my breath in wonder At this blessing that I see I promise him undying love Uncompromised devotion I can't believe he's really mine I'm filled with such emotion The years pass by and he grows up Too fast, in my opinion I realize that now it's time I no longer hold dominion To love him is to let him go To find his way in life To walk the way that he was taught And battle his own strife Now living in my twilight years For yesteryear I thirst The giver is the taker now Our roles have been reversed My life is solely in his hands This grown-up son so dear I place my trust now in his love Of death, I have no fear Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 15, 2005 All Rights Reserved

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