Phyllis, The Amaryllis

For Ann Cagle I have a friend named Ann Who is sweet and full of fun Her hobby is growing house plants And she recently gave me one Sitting happily on my countertop Is an almost-bloomed amaryllis Since even flowers need TLC I named this red bud Phyllis One morning when I watered her I saw that Phyllis was growing a twin Then I had to think of another name And the picking was mighty slim Since the flowers would be twin sisters I wanted to pick names that rhymed But no others sounded like Phyllis At least, none that really chimed The little sister started blooming And I didn't know what to do Then my old brain started twirling So I named her Phyllis Two Kathleen McCoy Eldridge ©February 6, 2007 All Rights Reserved share
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"Lady Be Good"
Sequenced by Dick Anderson
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