In the gloomy woods, I wandered
Until I saw a cabin nestled in a clearing
Resembling the place where I was born
Memories of my youth endearing

Deserted long ago and in dreadful disrepair
Its yesterdays seemed to be calling me
Feeling a faint recollection of familiar emotion
A chilling foretelling of what was to be

Cautiously stepping onto the old porch
Where two long deserted rockers still sat
Imagining a young couple sitting there
And a mother with a child on her lap

The open door seemed to welcome me
Into a room where love once dwelt
Old treasures left behind told the story
A Bible where in prayer someone knelt

Cobwebs and dust-shrouded possessions
Made curiosity pique my fertile mind
Time seemed to have stood still for a moment
Family mementos left hastily behind

Intrigued by the forgotten treasures
And the history they all revealed
Reduced to these worn and dusty memories
Summarizing lives lived and fates sealed

Frost spoke of a road less traveled
And the lesson learned that day
It's usually easier to take the beaten path
With far less hurdles along the way

Taking a road that few others had trod
Has left my soul with no regret
The path less traveled rewarded me with
A life experience I won't soon forget

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
May 12, 2007
All Rights Reserved


"Beautiful Valley"
Sequenced by David Larch
David's Southern Gospel MIDI Tracks

Photo came from the Big Stock Photo Site