Dedicated to America Elizabeth Hatfield McCoy With fondness, I am often reminded Of many visits to Merkie's house She was fun and very young at heart Oh, the mischief that we could rouse We took jaunts up through the hollow Where we laughed and talked for hours And stopped occasionally on the way back Picking bunches of pretty wildflowers Her house had a big old long front porch With chairs and gliders and a swing We pumped that swing as high as we could Then into the night, we'd sing In the end of Merkie's living room Sat a pump organ she barely used We couldn't play a lick but we tried And kept each other amused She would let me come and play for hours While she went about her chores She knew how much I loved it and said, "Honey, one day this'll be yours." The pedals made a squeaky, bumping sound Sour notes were quite a distraction I never gave up and learned a song or two That pump organ was a big attraction I'll never forget those joyous times And the feelings that still remain Merkie was not only my best friend My mother-in-law she became Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ May 16, 2006 All Rights Reserved

The Old Country Church Sequencer Unknown to Me