For Jan A really true friend is hard to find But I've found one in you Your sweet and giving nature Is an inspiration too You always understand me And greet me with a smile You're the kind of loyal friend Who would walk that extra mile Sticking with me through thick and thin When others let me down You never scolded nor chastised I'm so glad that you're around I've leaned on you so many times When I was depressed and weak You're the kind of special person Whose companionship people seek I value our long friendship I cherish it in my heart, I hope we'll always stay in touch And never drift apart. This is my way of thanking you For all that you have done To make my life much easier And most times, so much fun Your loyalty through the bad times Has helped me to survive I'm glad you walk that extra mile That makes our friendship thrive Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 13, 2005 All Rights Reserved

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    "You've Got A Friend"
Sequencer Unknown to Me