Reflections From My Heart
In the twilight of my years I'm old now and it shows Sitting in my rocking chair Wondering where time goes My most impressive memories are Of the happy times I've seen Of youth that was so long ago And the many years between Fond thoughts tugging at my heart As I rock and reminisce Smiling and contented now Not regretting what I missed Running along the creek bank So innocent and fancy free Playing hopscotch, jumping rope We played so gleefully Going barefoot in the summertime Grass creeping between our toes The tree that held the old tire swing And wearing homemade clothes Flashing like images in a picture book Are treasures from a bygone age I hesitate a little here and there And pause at a favorite page I haven't forgotten the bad times But the good are best to remember Good and bad, we lived them all Fleeting thoughts like fading embers There are so many memories And wonderful stories to tell Thinking of all the simple things That I still recall so well Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© April 11, 2006 All Rights Reserved

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"Precious Memories"
Sequenced by Harry Todd
Used with Permission