Going To Matewan

We always liked to go to Matewan About seven or eight miles away It was only a little country town And we'd stay there most of the day There was a supermarket on the corner A department store and a five and dime Even though we kids had no money We would look and wish away the time The town had Matewan National Bank And an old-fashioned filling station Daddy would get Dr. Pepper for us there The fizz made a wonderful sensation A favorite place was the feed and grain We liked to pet the little yellow chicks And looking at all the seed and plants Was a poor kid's way of getting kicks Daddy bought seed and fertilizer Mother always got a flower or two Our garden sure did come in handy And lasted the winter through There was a fresh fruit and vegetable stand About three miles south of town Daddy bought the sweetest watermelons there And we sure could wolf 'em down We kids didn't realize how poor we were But our parents sure had it rough No matter how long and hard they worked It never seemed to be enough As with other memories from my past I tend to daydream now and again About the supermarket and the watermelons And the Matewan Feed and Grain Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ May 9, 2006 All Rights Reserved share










"Galloping Guitar"
Sequenced by
Dick Anderson's Country Midi Guitar