When we were young and full of fun Kids knew how to amuse themselves We didn't need those store-bought games That lined James Hatfield's shelves but A jump rope made from an old clothesline Made us happy as could be We played hidey-go-seek and kick-the-can And Ollie-oxen-free but A big old circle drawn on the ground Where grass was supposed to grow Gave hours of pleasure to men and boys As steelies started to roll but Those marble games could last all day And well into the night Jakes and aggies kept rolling By the glow from the front porch light but A hopscotch game drawn with a stick And places marked with rocks Walking with tin cans on our feet Without our shoes and socks but Stumbling around on homemade stilts And games of three-eyed cat Bleach bottles were our baseballs And we used slabs for bats but Red Rover, Tag and Needles Eye Were played by friends and kin The older ones played Mumbly Peg Sometimes, the men joined in but Watered down Kool-Aid and potted meat Were gobbled down with haste So we could get back to our fun There wasn't time to waste but We really learned to improvise Back in the olden days We didn't have then what kids have now And we turned out OK but Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ August 17, 2005 All Rights Reserved

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Sequenced by Gloria Canfield


Special thanks to Bev at Moon and Back Graphics & Photography