My heart looked deep into your soul
And, much to my surprise
Reflected in the candle's glow
I saw the lovelight in your eyes

You're the only one who knows my heart
And the tears that I have cried
Your love has made my spirits soar
And my heart is filled with pride

I don't know what I've ever done
To deserve a love like this
But, of this one thing, I'm very sure
That true love does exist

All others pale in comparison
To your kind and loving face
My heart has known no one but you
And I'm lost in your embrace

Meeting you has changed my life
The circle is now complete
My long and lonely days are through
I am one of love's elite

I don't know what our future holds
But I believe our love is true
We'll take it slowly and let love build
For no other could hold a candle to you

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
July 22, 2006
All Rights Reserved



"Aura Lea"
Sequenced by Barry Taylor
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook

Sindy's Creations 2004-2007