Love Is In The Air



Birds are singing Bells are ringing Blue skies everywhere Lovebug's biting Life's delighting Maybe love is in the air float1 They're all tuckered Lips are puckered As if no one else is there E-mails flying Both are sighing Could love be in the air? float1 No more stalling Cell phones calling No leisure time to spare Every minute With them in it Looks like love is in the air float1 Hearts are thumping Hormones pumping They're together everywhere No more looking Now they're cooking Love must be in the air float1 Hands are holding Secrets unfolding They're a wonderful pair Meeting parents It's quite apparent Love is definitely in the air float1 Folks are betting Gonna be a wedding They're not ready to share We're just waiting And anticipating 'Cause love is in the air float1 Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 13, 2006 All Rights Reserved icon




"It Had To Be You"
Sequenced by Frank Schober
Grandpa Schober's Original Midi Files

Float Script
by Dynamic Drive

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