In The Early Morning Light Shadows dancing in the dark Midnight comes with fright Hiding under the covers On a ghostly moonlit night The house appears so scary When no one else is 'round Boogiemen prancing in my mind Wild imaginings abound Tree limbs scrape the windows Wind is beginning to howl Thunder in the distance Night critters on the prowl Chilling phantoms descend upon me And I begin to scream Then feel ashamed when I realize That they are only in a dream Mommy hurries to my bedside And eases my doubt and fright Says everything will be better When daytime conquers night Daylight comes and I awake And see that Mommy was right All my ghosts have disappeared In the early morning light Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ May 30, 2006 All Rights Reserved

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Me & My Shadow
Sequencer Unknown to Me