Granny Was A Lady Born to strict Victorian parents Her upbringing lavish and chic Product of the best finishing school A part of every exclusive clique Raised by a straight-laced nanny From the time she was a baby Her parents both stern and loving Determined she'd grow up a lady Aspiring to pursue a vocation Her parents perished the thought Momma took a whiff of her smelling salts Her stunned Poppa was overwrought If only they would let her try, she implored She promised it would be respectable Her dream was to join the royal ballet They said that was quite unacceptable One night, some friends went slumming At a burlesque outside of town Our gal fell in love with the dancing The girls did when the lights went down There were feathers and bangles and sparkle And the women even painted their toes The things they did and the things she saw Before they started shedding their clothes Right then, she knew she had stumbled on What would soon be her profession She could shake her bootie as well as anyone Dancing soon became her obsession For a straight-laced, uptown, rich girl Her movements were quite unique She did plenty of bumping and grinding Before she mastered her technique She started dancing at the night club And the customers came there in droves The gal danced and stripped and flirted All decked out in feathers and bows She had top billing as The Shady Lady How that gal could shimmy and wiggle College kids called her the cat's meow And loved to watch her strip and jiggle Applause almost brought the house down Each night when that gal was through And before she took her final bow Oh my, how those feathers flew Now in what's call her declining years She's still a hottie and I don't mean maybe Doing her own thing long before her time But granny always remained a lady Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ November 13, 2006 All Rights Reserved

"Pretty Woman"
Daddy Grizzly's Midi Collection