Kindness Of A Stranger
~ To Laurie ~ All worn out and filled with stress Not knowing what to do next Then a stranger extended a helping hand So I wouldn't feel so perplexed In matters not concerning health, life or death I never go to the Lord about it So when a lady said she would help me out I certainly had no reason to doubt it Offering her time and long, stressful hours She freely put the matters in order If she had billed me for all that creativity I would never have been able to afford her The kindness of a stranger did, indeed. Get me through a period of strife In retrospect, I think it was a grand design And I have made a new friend for life Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 9, 2007 All Rights Reserved

© Designer Lady

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  "Thank You For Being A Friend"
Sequencer Unknown To Me

Original Photo by D & N Pics
Used with Permission

Graphic Set by Designer Lady