Join me in the gazebo
For a secret rendezvous
We'll hold hands and talk awhile
The way we used to do

Your leaving left me lonely
For your embrace I yearned
We'll make up for all time lost
Now that you've returned

I know that you have suffered
More than I can realize
I see the tremor in your hands
And the pain that's in your eyes

I want to say the things to you
That my letters could not express
My love for you has never waned
I always felt your caress

I'm aware you have some issues
Because of all that you've been through
I'll be right here by your side
Supporting you in all you do

You feel guilt that you've returned
While your best friends still fight on
But we'll pray for them together
Until all our troops come home

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
July 7, 2006
All Rights Reserved

Hello Darlin'
Midi Picking by Harry Todd
Sequenced by Harry Todd
Used with Permission