The Hitchin' For Tim & Jennifer His hands are shakin';his eyelid is twitchin' Any minute now, there's a gonna be a hitchin' She's kinda nervous; knows what she's doin' They love each other; done with the wooin' The groom and his best men all are waitin' Walkin' down the aisle, bride's not hesitatin' Standin' together in front of the preacher He's a designer and she's a teacher Families smilin' and dabbin' at tears Two finally happy; first time in years He's the daddy of one; she's the mother of two They'll all be a family before the day is through Cuttin' the weddin' cake; a real celebration First dance together; filled with elation Takin' off the garter; tossin' the bouquet Gettin' kinda tired; been a long day Waitin' for the honeymoon; hormones ignited Time to leave the party; both are excited In love forever; this story ain't ended Five are together; two families now blended Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 12, 2006 All Rights Reserved


"I Love You Truly"
A Bouquet of Roses