It was Saturday morning in the henhouse All the chickens were going to town Filling the nests with fresh laid eggs While the roosters strutted around The meanest rooster in the henhouse Was one they called Big Red He stood pretty tall for a rooster And had a huge, red comb on his head The other roosters were scared of Big Red And they knew not to mess with his chicks Big Red enjoyed picking fights with them But they were all wise to his tricks The farmer opened the henhouse door And herded a big, new chicken inside She was the strangest hen they'd ever seen And all the roosters puffed up with pride Big Red immediately rushed to her side And claimed the chicken as his very own She stuck her beak in the air and walked away And left him standing there all alone For months, he tried to impress her His comb like a flaming ember Big Red never stood a chance and then She disappeared come late November The old rooster lost his will to live And his behavior turned downright quirky For this big old braggart never realized That he had fallen in love with a turkey Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ March 17, 2007 All Rights Reserved



Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Sequenced by Eisboch
Jack's Midi Music