Plumb High On The Hawg The old home place is kinda run down And the outhouse is pert nigh filled Ma is a feelin' right poorly of late And the feds done found my still I'm just a barely ekin' out a livin' Tryin' to keep a roof o'er our heads Ma's garden didn't do so good this year And the truck's rollin' on retreads We done eat and sold all the chickens Ceptin' for the ones what lays I set here a chawin' and a whittlin' And wishin' for some better days They's a place what gives out food an' stuff But I told Ma that just ain't for us I ain't stoopin' to a takin' hand outs 'Cause I'm a right proud ol' cuss Sometimes, it breaks my heart to set And watch Ma a toilin' so late She ain't nigh as young as she used to be But I reckon that's a woman's fate I seen on television the other day Where they was givin' away a prize Dang, if that man comes to my front door I probably wouldn't believe my eyes If I ever do git me some money though I done planned just what I'd do I'd buy Ma a new fangled warshin' machine And maybe a fancy apron or two I'd git myself a brand new shiny car And park it right next to the door Give the trailer a new paint job Then fix them holes in the floor I'd build me a brand new chicken house And git a remote controlled TV set One o' them what shows in color Though I ain't never seen one yet We could really use a mule to pull the plow To keep Ma from a workin' so hard I hate it when she works the field all day 'Cause she comes in cranky and tired No matter how wore out she gits Ma cooks up some right good suppers Ain't nothin' lazy 'bout that woman o' mine But she does need a new set o' uppers Yep, we'd be a livin' plumb high on the hawg If I could lay my hands on some dough But until that day, I'll be a settin' here A waitin' to tell Ed McMahon "hello" Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 13, 2006 All Rights Reserved

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Blackberry Blossom
Sequenced by Bruce M. Bowman