A visitor appeared at my doorstep In a kaleidoscope colored frock Hair that resembled an old floor mop And a face that could stop a clock She carried a tote and a bright umbrella On her feet, she was wearing flops Meanwhile, my poor brain was asking Wonder where in the world she shops The woman resembled a circus clown I couldn’t believe that awful dress Her whole demeanor was atrocious And she looked a dreadful mess Before I had a chance to invite her in Through my front door she sauntered We looked each other up and down I couldn't understand what she wanted I reluctantly asked her to stay for lunch And went to turn the microwave on When I came back from the kitchen I looked around and she was gone Erasing the cobwebs from my mind It could not have been any clearer For all along, I’d been looking in My full-length bedroom mirror Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 30, 2006 All Rights Reserved Home      Mail      Back Guestbook "Miss America Theme" Sequenced by Ron Tilden Jack's Midi Music Artist Unknown to Me No Copyright Infringement is Intended