Grandpa's Porch

Oh, how we loved to visit Grandpa
When he lived up Thacker Hollow
He'd pass around glasses of fresh, cold milk
And it was wonderful ~ every swallow

He whittled and chewed tobacco
When he didn't have chores to do
It was his favorite past time
He loved that Red Man chew

Grandpa always loved to see us
And welcomed us with outstretched arms
We each wanted to be his favorite
So we'd really lay on the charms

He would take us to his garden
'Way up on the side of the hill
Grandpa let us all pick watermelons
And eat till we'd had our fill

When dinner was over and the dishes done
To that big old porch we'd flee
Grandpa talked and chewed and whittled
With one of us on his knee

It was a huge old L-shaped porch
With rocking chairs and a squeaky swing
People brought their musical instruments
I can still hear our voices ring

Grandpa died at the age of ninety-one
Wonderful memories all entwined
His forceful voice and twinkling eyes
Are etched forever in my mind

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
May 3, 2006
All Rights Reserved

In Loving Memory of Jacob McCoy
 02/16/1878 ~ 04/13/1969

"Green Grow The Lilacs"
Sequenced by Barry Taylor
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook