Kathleen, William and Lena McCoy

Danny, Reese, Lavaughn and Cheryl McCoy

Days gone by when we were young,
Filled with happy times, hard times and cheer
Laughing, working and playing with abandon
While storing those memories so dear

Walking to Otto Price's or Butler's Store,
To get an RC cola and a bag of chips for just ten cents
Boys getting baseball cards with bubble gum
With money hard to get and very carefully spent

Scampering down to Peter creek
Running, splashing and jumping in
Playing hopscotch, jumping rope
And three-eyed cat for hours on end

Hanging clothes outside on the clotheslines
No matter the cold or heat
Making homemade fudge and parching corn
And walking with tin cans on our feet

Telling ghost stories on the old front porch
Capturing fireflies in a Mason jar
Riding the Ferris wheel and winning prizes
When Matewan had the amusement park

Having the very first television
Riding a tire swing over the creek
Boys gleefully catching crawdads
And making the girls all run and shriek

Trudging up and down the creek bank
After the creek rose from a rain
Always finding one good shoe
And saving it until it rained again

Daringly jumping off the old coal shed
With armfuls of fodder trying to fly
Falling into the chicken lot or an old tin boat
While learning to ride a homemade bike

Parents playing horseshoes in the country lane
Until the moonlight showed the way
Troubles and cares cast aside
To cope with another day

Waiting for Santa Claus at Christmas
The anticipation of what was to be
Decorating a tree found high on the hill
Eating icicles and snow cream so good and sweet

If you keep your memories to yourself 
They will surely fade away
Share them with the younger ones
So they'll be here to stay

Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ
November 29, 2004 
All Rights Reserved

"One Sweet Day"
Sequenced by RedSal