My rocking chair sits empty now Because God has called me Home To live in the realms of glory No more on Earth to roam My sorrow and grief are over No more sickness; no more pain Singing with the Heavenly chorus With Jesus forever to reign The house must be so quiet But I'm at peace, so don't be sad Remember the way I used to be And the wonderful times we had You know how much I love you Keep a place in your heart for me You gave me joy and happiness My poor soul has been set free Walking arm in arm with Jesus Down streets all paved with gold Greeting loved ones who've gone before In a Land where we'll never grow old This Gloryland is so peaceful I hope that you know I'll wait To welcome you with outstretched arms Just inside the Eastern Gate Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 10, 2006 All Rights Reserved share
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   I'll Never Be Lonely Again
Sequenced by Wanda Fischer
Wanda's Music Midis
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