Dedicated to Frieda She recently built a brand new house Near her family that really care Her home is neat and comfortable But she's hardly ever there Grandpappy and she were quite a pair Still active in the social scene They danced and clogged and traveled Their minds still sharp and keen A few years ago, Grandpappy died Grandmother grieved in her own way Not wearing her heart upon her sleeve She kept busy every hour of the day This southern belle we call Grandmother Still drives a car and does her own things And makes sweet memories while she still can Looking forward to what each day brings Always cheerful and young at heart She's now quite a bit past eighty The years haven't slowed her down much 'cause Grandmother's a grand old lady Maybe one day she'll spend some time On that beautiful new front porch But the rocker and the swing will have to wait Until she gets the time, of course Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ May 14, 2007 All Rights Reserved

"I'll Never Be Lonely Again"
Sequenced by Wanda Fischer
Wanda's Music

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