Mother is on my mind today
And I've been thinking of
Stories she told of younger days
And an old house filled with love

Grandpa Herald was a preacher
And worshipped the Baptist way
Widowed when he met Grandma
A mere girl by standards today

Taking on a ready made family
Grandma had seven kids to raise
They had thirteen more together
Back in the "good old days"

Hitching up the horse and buggy
Grandpa went on his daily rounds
Visiting all those who needed him
Getting home after the sun went down

A preacher didn't make much money
So they all supported themselves
By raising and harvesting gardens
And canning food for the basement shelves

The property had nut and fruit trees
That bore enough to last till spring
With the vegetables in the root cellar
They had enough of everything

The family raised hogs and cows and chickens
Had a smokehouse stocked with meat
Grandma and the girls made homemade bread
They never lacked for enough to eat

Mother said during the Great Depression
The family was happy to share their food
With people who were far less fortunate
And always their faith renewed

Grandpa died before I was born
And Grandma when I was seven
I still remember that long, sad day
When God took her to Heaven

Our grandparents were God-fearing people
Who taught their brood the righteous way
By setting such wonderful examples
That we remember to this very day

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
August 16, 2006
All Rights Reserved

"Lord, Keep Your Hand On Me"
Sequenced by Wanda Fischer
Wanda's Music

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