For Luke I sat alone before the fire In my old rocking chair. Feeling sorry for myself And wishing you were there. The house was dark and lonely As Christmas time drew near. No wreaths adorned the windows. There were no gifts to share. The wind outside was howling And snow was blowing fierce. I heard a knock on my front door. My solace had been pierced. I peeked outside the window And much to my surprise There stood a man so cold and bent With teardrops in his eyes. Throwing away my doubts and fears I cautiously opened the door. "Let me come in and warm myself." The stranger then implored. He sat down by the fireplace. I wrapped him with a quilt. I had nothing else to offer From this heart of stone I'd built. We sat in silence as the firelight glowed. My thoughts of you so clear. Then he raised his head and said, "I've come to ease your fear." "Could it be," I cried aloud, That you'd come back to me?" My soul began to hope again; My heart so fancy-free. He said, "Live your life; enjoy each day And never waste a minute." "Life's too short to live with grief; Enjoy the good things in it." Then he placed a kiss upon my face, Whispered, "I love you," and was gone. My heart cried out, "Please stay with me," But again I was all alone. I jerked awake and realized That is was just a dream. I was there and you were gone But my face began to beam. I looked out on the frozen night. A tree swayed in the air. The moonlight danced upon the snow And a cardinal rested there. I smiled inside and then I knew That you had never left. We'd be together side by side Till I joined you in death. On that dark and lonely night I knew that we'd never part. The time will pass and you'll be here In the seasons of my heart. Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© December 6, 2005 All Rights Reserved

"Remember Me This Way"
Sequenced by Jack Hall
The Corner Lounge