When I Close My Eyes Nodding off in my rocking chair Eyelids heavy with fatigue My mind relaxed, my body cozy Daydreams bring intrigue Bygone days flash through my mind As if on a movie screen Or pages flipping in a book The memories sweet and keen There's a picture from our wedding And the boys when they were born Here is Rocky's first day of school With Tim looking so forlorn Dreaming farther back in time I envision us all as children Not knowing what the future held A whole life to be fulfilled then Mother and Daddy young and happy Before life made them both so harried And pictures of us one after the other As we fell in love and married Homes that were filled with children Where fun and laughter abounded Grandparents playing kiddies games With little ones they were surrounded My mind selects the photographs That make my old heart feel tender Like changing channels on a TV set To those precious times, I surrender Sneaking a nap in the afternoon Always brings a pleasant surprise For I relive my yesterdays When I close my eyes Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© March 25, 2007 All Rights Reserved

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"When I Grow Too Old To Dream"
Sequenced by Grandpa Frank Schober